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Maisie's was established in 2007 by Marie who wanted to open up a children's clothes shop in south Queensferry after the birth of her daughter Maisie. Over the years she expanded, dropped the children clothes and found a love for gifts, cards and homeware. She also  employed two best friends, originally for weekend work, who eventually went full time and then in 2017 took the shop over and those girls happen to be us, Julia and Caley. Having lived in south Queensferry our entire life and worked in Maisies pretty much our entire adult life we jumped at the opportunity to own the shop we loved so much! The link below will take you to a little bit more about us and is where you will find our monthly blog, with shop updates, what new stock we've found and why we love it so much!

Who we are...

​ We are a shop that's forever changing! We do gifts for everyone all shapes,all sizes and everything in between. We always have an extensive collection of greetings cards for all occasions (and we mean all), balloons and wrapping. We do jewellery, candles, handbags scarfs, Scottish gifts and homeware. Children gifts, room accessories, pocket money toys and personalised baby gifts. The best way to have look at EVERYTHING we do is our Instagram page (link below). We keep it updated with all new stock, companies and gift ideas so you can have a mooch around!

What we sell..

The best way to buy with us is popping i​n to the shop! We're situated at 23-24 high street South Queensferry with parking, restaurants and other quirky gift shops. We are open 10-5 Monday to Saturday and 12-5 on Sundays with longer opening hours during summer and the festive period. However, if that is not possible you do have a few other options. Our Facebook (link below) is regularly updated with new stock so if you see something you fancy drop us a message on there, give us a call or an email and we can advise you on price, post and packaging!

How to buy...